87 Ridgeway Ave, Southport, Qld 4215 Phone: 07 5532 7170


Lorraine Pilgrim presents

Bubbles and Art with Sally Wright

Venue: Studio 87, 87 Ridgeway Ave, Southport

Thursday  31st January at 4.30pm


You are invited to afternoon drinkies next week on Thursday 31st January at 4.30pm – to enjoy a casual sip and art chat.My special guest is Sally Wright – three of her art works are currently in “The Summer Exhibition”.

Sally Wright, who works with the Gallery at HOTA team, tries to fit in her own art practise when she can.
Mark-marking through mediums of printmaking, painting and drawing is where she gravitates to, using primarily black and white to create lines and spaces.
currently her inspiration is the negative spaces between trees – the marked contrast between branches and sky, and the forking of branch into twig.
This trace line, like a path, is full of intrigue and wonder, and yet is represented like a stark scribble, unreadable and abstract.
After a big hiatus from artmaking, she is really excited to be making pieces again!