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Lorraine Pilgrim presents

Solo Exhibition by Erica Gray

Venue: Studio 87, 87 Ridgeway Ave, Southport

 Saturday 6th September  4-6pm
(Exhibition runs until end of October 2014)


An exploration of human-animal connectionsLike most people I long to live in a world free of the spoilt, fearful and superficial. A world in which individuals are reasonable, tolerant and intelligent. For the most part we are slowly getting there. You only have to look at how experimental and free the youth of today are with their ideas and ideals. The world turns and we are slowly finding that we now seek acceptance by the disabled, compassion by the emotionally damaged, reward from the poor and destitute and maybe even universal equality by those we elect… Hmmm.That said, Animals too play an important part in this scenario, and throughout my life. They have been trusting friends, confidants and cherished companions. I have fond memories of dairy farm stays where I discovered these gentle trusting creatures and learnt about the goodness of beings – animal and human. I have also seen tragic scenes of mistreatment, torture and slaughter and learnt about the evil of beings – humans.This is my interpretation of similarities, differences, quirks and compositions within a collection of paintings, stitched textile works and soft sculpture that represent my current view on human to human, human to animal and animal to animal relationships. After all we all feel the same emotions and pain, no matter what “the skin we are in”.

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