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Lorraine Pilgrim presents

Four Performative Acts

Four Photographers

Mari Hirata
Kathy Mackey
Alana Hampton
Mandana Mapar

As a small group of 4 photographers with diverse practices covering still, time-based, installation and sculptural elements, – Alana Hampton, Mari Hirata, Mandana Mapar and Kathy Mackey explore the performative aspects of their practices as individual artists – and as a collective – by inviting the audience to consider the relationships between the act of making a photograph in a particular time and space and the potential new artworks that emerge from this performance.
The first meeting of the collective will take place at The Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery on Saturday September 28. In the first performance in Lorraine’s space-the group will explore the aesthetic opportunities that will synthesise out of the simple four walls of the space by also utilizing performative strategies including projections, sound, objects, and cameras to utilize the unknown elements of this collaboration as a strategy for its next iteration.
The group envisages reworking this group practice over a period of several years in a variety of sites that will allow for ongoing folding/refolding interactions and performances.

Venue: 87 Ridgeway Ave, Southport
Opening:Opening 28th Sept- 4-6pm

Exhibition runs until 25th October 2013

To be officially opened by – Marian Drew

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