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2011 Exhibitions

Nyst Gallery in Association with Lorraine Pilgrim.com presents


A still life exhibition transcending the preconceived
‘fruit, flowers and simple treasures’

Guest Artist Angus McDonald

Artists Nick Batchelor, Mike Chavez, Daniel Clemmett, Sam Creyton, Shayle Flesser, Sally Harrison, Mari Hirata, Magnus Kennedy, Lisa Lee, Jennifer Lowrey, Anthony Lister, Cal MacKinnon, Simon Mee, Kathy Mackey, Donna Malone, Deb Mostert, Hobie Porter, George Raftopolous, Kirsten Reed, Simon Roots, Llewellyn Skye, David Smith, Emma Theyers,
and Clayton Tremlett
Exhibition to be opened by Virginia Rigney
Curator – Gold Coast Art Gallery

Opening: Friday 3oth July 2010 6-8pm

Sat 31th July & Sun 1st August 10 – 5 pm

Exhibition runs till 31st August 2010

Venue: Nyst Gallery 16 Nerang Street SOUTHPORT

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